“Celebrity By Numbers” Canvas Sheet Kits



“Celebrity By Numbers” simple canvas sheet kits

Affordable and Fun!

These hand sketched, paint by number canvas sheets of your favorites are designed to bring the artist out in us all!

Suitable for painters of all ages and abilities!

Your finished painting can be easy inserted into a photo frame to become a perfect addition to any room or a great gift option!

Kits Includes:

  • (1) 8.5 x 11in Canvas Sheet
  • (2) Paint brushes
  • Paint Pot Set w/corresponding colors
  • Example and Instruction Card

Typically ships between 5-7 days

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 3 cm

#23, Abe, Abstract J's, Amarie, Bee, Bigsey, Bron, Buddah, C. Bose, Cardi, Chill Girl, Cicely, Classic J's, Decanter, Dockside, Drake, Family, Glam 1, Glam 2, Hammer, Harriet, Iza, J. Cole, Jen Lo, Joey, Kelly, Kissy Fish, Koab, L. Raye, Luda, Marilyn, Maya, MJ, MLK, Molly, Monica, Mr. President, Nas X, Nip, No Limits Master, Our 1st lady, Our 2nd lady, Pac, Pheobi, Prince, Reesi, RGB, Rosa, Ross, Sade, Serena, She Shines, She Shines 2, Stan Lee, Sunflower, Sunset, The Answer, The Origin, Tiffany, Unc, Will, Wofl, X, Zendaya


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